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Stay Connected With Your Customers with Virginia Social Media Marketing

Do you have up to 20 hours a week to manage social media for your business? Of course, you don’t. But at Tdfolio Creative, we’ve got the time, the skills and the passion.

When you have a strong presence on social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more — you connect directly with your customers. Great social media marketing builds a relationship of trust between you and prospective customers, and it makes your business feel approachable.

We’ll keep your social media platforms updated. We’ll maintain your profiles. We’ll increase your social presence with quantifiable results that make you smile. And we’ll write posts and tweets that keep positive word-of-mouth going about your business, driving customers to your website.

If you’re ready to drive sales and generate leads, talk to us at Tdfolio Creative about how our social media management strategies can get your business the buzz it deserves.


Affordable social media packages to keep you connected with your customers.



Per Month

1 Facebook Post Per Day
1 Twitter Post Per Day
Custom Content Creation
Brand Promotion
Content Curation



Per Month

1 Facebook Post Per Day
1 Twitter Post Per Day
Custom Content Creation
Brand Promotion
Content Curation
Facebook Ads ($25 Budget)
Facebook Like Boost ($25 Budget)
Linkedin, Pinterest or G+ Post



Per Month

2 Facebook Posts Per Day
2 Twitter Posts Per Day
Custom Content Creation
Brand Promotion
Content Curation
Facebook Ads ($35 Budget)
Facebook Like Boost ($35 Budget)
Linkedin, Pinterest, or G+ Post (Twice Daily)
5 Instagram Posts Per Week
Monthly Blog Post
800 Targeted Twitter Follows / Month

7 Ways That Virginia Beach Social Media Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Social media marketing has gained business marketing efforts to a whole new level. Still, there are many different businesses out there that still do not understand the great influence this type of platform can provide for business. Here you will discover how important this can be for your business, as well as how you can use this tool to your advantage for creating exposure, popularity, and visibility when it comes to your campaigns.

Better customer experience
Today’s consumer wants to be able to contact your business in multiple ways. In addition to telephone and email, being reachable through social channels will improve the customer experience with your brand. It is an easy way for them to give you compliments, ask questions, discuss an issue, and even leave a complaint. Use these as opportunities to flex your customer service muscles.

Boost Brand Awareness
Social media marketing also helps you to boost brand awareness. You can also use this online marketing tool to make people more aware of your brand and your website’s existence and without it, you can automatically cut out a huge potential target market.

Millions of people use social media and it’s easy for good content to go viral. According to reports, 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media, and people are quick to turn to their platforms to form their impression of a brand. For this reason, this is an essential brand awareness tool that boosts brand loyalty and encourages people to come back for more.

Improve Customer Support
You can also practice social media to interact with your clients and improve customer service. Today, customers are quick to turn to the internet to talk about a positive (or negative) experience with a brand, so if you can provide a dedicated customer service department that offers communication through a number of mediums you will be able to provide a more positive client experience that is highly receptive to the needs of the individual. This is great for improving brand awareness and customer retention.

Boost Sales
By posting company content, boosting brand awareness and having a reliable customer support team, this will no doubt contribute towards increasing sales. You have got the ability in your hands to target specific audiences with the right message immediately, which ultimately leads to a boost in sales.

Connecting with Current and Prospective Customers

More and more, people like to do business with those they can relate to in a personal way. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn give your current and prospective customers an avenue where they can see your back story. They do not just feel like they are patronizing a faceless entity but they can connect with you and ask questions directly. This also helps with direct feedback and where there are customer relations issues, you are able to sort them out as soon as they occur, leaving you with satisfied customers. And satisfied customers are usually returning customers.

Conversion Rate Improvements

When more people find you online or begin following you on the Internet, you should experience higher conversion rates. Again, this is a numbers game. The more people who find you on social media and have a chance to interact with you on these websites or on your own website, the more people will likely convert to a sale. Although not every interaction will convert, the more positive interactions you have, the higher your conversion rate should be. Taking the time to reach out to potential clients and customers using social media also humanizes you. This deeper connection tends to have a positive impact on conversions.

Driving Traffic

Driving people to your website is the name of the game – a top priority for anyone hoping to utilize the Internet for business opportunities. In the absence of social media websites, your Internet traffic will be limited. This traffic will include people who arrive at your website after performing searches based on keywords for which you rank with search engines. If you don’t have effective search engine optimization based on relevant keywords, you will be missing significant traffic. Other traffic will include people who are already familiar with your online presence. By adding social media exposure, you create another way for people to find you every time you promote it using this networking tool.

It is time to say goodbye to offline promotional activities which only reach limited clients with higher costs. Making the most of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of those social media websites can bring effective results for gaining faster popularity and stronger existence on first pages of search engines.

Have a question? Let us know how we can help you grow your business.