Online shopping (both product and services) have been dominating the retail market for years and it will be the leader in customer purchases for years to come. This means that your website and how you present your company online is very important to your business’ success.

When visitors come to your site, if the first impression does not exhibit trust, that visitor will take their business elsewhere. No matter how much traffic you get, if your visitors are not converting into customers, your SEO efforts are pointless.

Factors such as page speed, professionalism and appearance are some of the things that you can improve trust which will help you turn those visitors into customers.

Increase Your Website Speed

Page speed is a ranking factors in Google. If you want happy customers you need to have a fast website. Page speed directly correlates with website visitor conversions so it is very important that you optimize your site for speed.

Here are a few ways to improve your websites load times:

  1. Optimize images and PDFs sizes: Pay close attention to the images and PDFs that you upload to your site. Try to get the file size as small as you can without sacrificing image and PDF quality. There are many WordPress plugins (EWWW Image Optimizer and Smush Image Compression Plugin) that will do this for you.
  2. Minimize your CSS and Javascript: These files increase load times because they load before displaying your website. WordPress plugins such as Autoptimize and Better WordPress Minify is used to minimize these files which decreases their file size.
  3. Host videos on platform such as Youtube instead of hosting them on your website. Hosting videos on Youtube will lower your website load times and also give you some exposure on a different platform.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Website

First impression mean everything. It takes less than 1 second for a user to determine whether they want to stay on your site or leave. Your website needs to represent your company in the best light. It needs to show your visitor that you are a leader in your industry.

Here are a few ways that you can improve the look of your site:

  1. Make sure that your font is legible: Your font needs to be large enough for your user and easy to read without straining your eyes.
  2. Make your site mobile friendly: A majority of users browse websites on their mobile devices. Make sure that your site displays correctly on all devices.
  3. User-friendly layout: Remove any clutter on your website and focus on what your users are looking for. Add images and text with a purpose and not just for looks.
  4. Add multimedia: Include meaningful videos and interactive elements in your design to keep the users attention.

Improve Your User Experience

Your website should be more than just an informational tool. Your main goal is to guide the visitor to take action. Organize your website content and make sure that everything is easy to find. Incorporate breadcrumbs, drop-down navigation, sections and call to actions to increase the user experience.

Make Sure That Your Site Is Professional

Professionalism goes hand in hand with the appearance of your site. Make sure that your audience knows that you are a company that can be trusted. Include testimonials, staff photos and reviews to help with your credibility. This is extremely important in terms of converting your visitors into customers.

These are just some of the ways that you can improve the appearance of your website. In the end, the goal is to convert your visitors into customers. This should be a daily goal of any business who is looking to improve their online business strategy. Implement these elements and you are well on your way to getting more business online.