turn website traffic into leadsDo you want to get more customers through your website? If so, then you need to treat your website as a sales pipeline and not just as a way to provide information about your business.

The best way to do this is to turn your current website traffic into leads.

Before we go any further, lets make sure that you are clear about what lead generation is.

Simply put, lead generation is any marketing methods that you use to get contact information from a person that is interested in your product or service. This will help you build a growing list of people you can market to over and over again. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So now, on to the good stuff.

How do you add lead generation to your website?

There are a lot of ways that you can you can turn your website traffic into leads but there are only 3 that I recommend. Mainly because they are tried and true methods that will help you get a lot of customers very quickly.

Method #1: Create a monthly newsletter.

If you not already doing this, then you should. If you are providing valuable content or excellent service, people will want to sign up for your newsletter. It’s a no brainer way to build your email list while building trust with your subscribers. Now, you might be thinking: “I don’t have time to write a newsletter” or “I don’t know how to create a newsletter”.

The former I can help you with. Contact me and I can work with you to get everything up and running.

If you want to tackle the task yourself, there are some great resources out there to help you do it. The best part is that most of them come with a free trial. You can try them all and see which one works best for you.

My #1 pick: Build your newsletter and subscription list with Mailchimp.

get more customers with mailchimp
Mailchimp is one of the more popular email marketing platforms out there and for good reason. You need absolutely no coding knowledge to build your newsletter. It uses an easy drag and drop designer that you can customize to match your company brand.

You also get in-depth analytics for every email campaign. This makes it easy for you to see which emails are working and which are not. You will begin to learn your subscribers’ preferences and cater to them.

Do you want to know what subject line is more effective? What about your call to action placements…are they working? All of these questions can be answered by Mailchimps A/B testing feature.

This (and much more) comes wrapped up in a beautiful user-friendly interface that is easy for anyone to use.

Mailchimp offers several email marketing packages but if you are just starting out, try the forever free plan. It should have all you need for a beginner.

Method #2: Offer a discount on your product or service.

Everybody loves a discount. This method is one of the most effective ways to not only build your email list but create a list of people who are ready to buy. The best way to get more customers using this method is by an exit pop-up.

You know when you visit a site and all of a sudden you are greeted not by the content but by a big giant pop-up in your face? Annoying right? Well, an exit pop up will only show up when the customer is about to leave your site. Here is a quick scenario:

You just recently moved and you decide to do some research on the spa and wellness centers in your area. There are a lot of good ones but you are not sure which one you want to choose. As your about to leave “XYZ Spa Treatment’s” website, you get a pop-up with an offer for a 10% discount for first time customers. Do you think you would bite? Of course you would. You have no idea what the others have to offer and this specific salon is giving you a discount right off the bat. You have nothing to lose.

This simple method is a sure fire way to build your email list full of subscribers who are ready to buy.

There are quite a few tools that you can use to create your exit intent popup and I love to recommend the ones that will give you the most bang for you buck.

#1 Recommended App: SumoMe Email List Builder

get more leads with sumome link builderIf you have not heard of Sumo Me, then today is your lucky day. They have so many apps to help you grow your businesses. Check them out when you get a chance.

The app that we are interested in to build your exit intent pop-up is their email List Builder.

First, they offer a beginner package that is absolutely free. If you are just starting out, this is the package for you. It has everything you need to set up your pop up.

Second, you have total control of the design of your pop-up so you can make it look like the rest of your site.

Third, you can integrate it with quite a few email marketing software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

If you have tested out Sumo Me List builder and you really like it, think about upgrading to take advantage of their A/B testing so that you can continually optimize your pop-ups. Remember, optimizing is where the money is at. It can make a big difference to your bottom line.

#2 Recommended App: Picreel

turn website traffic into leads with picreelPicreel is another little treasure that I want to tell you about. It is an easy to use software that will help you recover abandoning visitors and turn them into customers.

Their Reel Overlay product is perfect for creating your exit intent pop-up. You have quite a few modern templates to choose form (or upload your own), each pop-up is customizable to match your website and you have easy to understand analytics to track your progress.

What I really love about Picreel is that each payment plan is based off of how many visitors your site is getting. If you don’t have a lot of visitors, sign up for the starter plan and get the same features and benefits as the larger companies that can afford more.

BUT FIRST! I highly recommend that you sign up for their 30-day free trial. As you know I like to try products out first before investing my hard earned cash.

Money Tip: if you have an ecommerce site, check out their ReelLinks Product. It turns any link into a popup overlay.

How it works: Once the user is greeted with their exit intent discount and enter their email address, they immediately get their coupon code. Talk about fast service. Forget about waiting to check their inbox. Mind blown!
picreel reellinks turn any link into a popup

Method #2: Find out what your customers want with a quick survey

This method can be beneficial to your business in so many ways. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners don’t take advantage of it and instead choose to speculate on what their customers want.

Now, how do we use a survey to collect leads?

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Create a survey that is beneficial to your target audience.

For example: You own a business where the customer has to qualify for the service that you offer. Add survey questions that you would ask them in the office to see if they qualify (4-6 questions the most).

Step 2: Ask them to enter their email address to get the results.
That’s it.

With those 2 steps you not only have valuable information about your lead but you have qualified them before they even step foot into your office.

If you are serious about using this method to generate online leads, use Aweber. You can not only create your surveys using this tool but you can also have automated emails delivered directly to the leads inbox. Use those emails to sell your product or service. You will have a steady stream off leads on autopilot. How sweet is that?

Get Started!

In business, it is important to have multiple ways to collect leads and grow your business. I encourage you to use at least one of these methods to help you get more customers.

Also, let me know if you have used any of these methods and how it worked out. If you have any questions, reach out because sometimes you need a little help to get you where you need to go.

I hope this article was helpful. If so, please share it so others can benefit from it.

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